The Rice is Right: How This Grain Can Benefit Your Health

Rice is known to be popular in Asian countries, with China leading as the most rice-consuming country in the world. It is also highly cultivated or imported in areas outside of Asia, and is actually the fastest-growing food necessity in Africa and Latin America. Some people actually claim that they “cannot live without rice”—and maybe this is […]

MultiplyPlus® Probiotics

What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that support the overall balance and functioning of our digestive system. The role of these bacteria in the digestive system includes stimulating digestive processes, reducing the number of potentially harmful bacteria in the gut, enhancing the immune system and aiding the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics allow you to […]

Fermented Turmeric – Good for Your Guts

How you ever tried fermented food or drinks such as kimchi or kombucha? What about the superfood craze that is turmeric lattes? Did you know you could combine the two together? We bring you fermented turmeric! Fermenting foods is a great way to enhance the way our bodies function by creating live enzymes and activated […]

Bio-fermented Drinks, the Next Generation Kombucha

Gut Health Mania The importance of Gut Health is big and widespread news, bringing with it modern panaceas of every shape and form including fermented foods and drinks. Originally drunk in China over 2000 years ago, Kombucha made its way onto the health stage back in the 90s only making it so far as a […]

Bio-Fermented Green Detox Smoothie

Weightloss is a process that includes the combination of a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. In addition to these healthy habits, Henry Blooms’ delicious, bio-fermented concentrate is packed with Coleus, Green Coffee, Green Tea, Gymnema and Ginseng to help support a healthy weight management program. Smoothies are a great way to add in extra […]

Detox, Diet & Digestion

“You are what you eat” ( … Really?)  “You are what you eat” – should this adage rightfully be replaced by ‘you are what you absorb’? Because no matter how much fresh nutrient-rich food you consume, you need a good digestive function to make use of it. Poor digestion not only means you miss out of […]