Henry Blooms

Our History

Embark on a journey through the rich heritage of Henry Blooms, a brand rooted in excellence and dedicated to your well-being.

80 years of herbal mastery for maximum effectiveness

Australian heritage,
herbal mastery

For over 80 years, Henry Blooms has been synonymous with natural health. Embracing our Australian roots, we select premium herbal ingredients to unlock maximum effectiveness for your well-being. Experience nature’s power with Henry Blooms.

Henry Blooms:
Revolutionary Herbal Health Journey

From humble beginnings to global recognition, our herbal health journey spans decades of innovation.

We continuously evolve to meet customer needs, leading the way in natural health.

80 years of herbal mastery for maximum effectiveness



Henry Bloom opened Australia’s first health food store, revolutionising natural health.


Henry Blooms established as a trusted Australian brand.




Expanded into 12+ countries in Eastern Europe.


Successful entry into Vietnam and Cambodia markets.




Introduced products in Hong Kong, China.


Expansion into Malaysia and China markets.




Global expansion with entry into the USA.


Who is Henry Bloom?

Meet Henry Bloom, the visionary behind the esteemed Henry Blooms brand. In 1938, he fearlessly opened Australia’s first health food store, pioneering breakthroughs in natural health. Ahead of his time, Henry Bloom introduced innovative concepts such as wheatgrass, iodine, fresh juices, nut cheeses, vitamins, herbal formulas, and probiotic yoghurt culture.

In 1947, he officially established the Henry Blooms brand, dedicating it to delivering premium-quality, scientifically-based natural supplements and probiotics. Today, we pay homage to his pioneering spirit by offering products that combine the power of science and nature to support your optimal health and well-being.

80 years of dedication to your health and well-being

Join us in experiencing the transformative power of Henry Blooms’ 80 years of herbal mastery. Explore our range of carefully crafted supplements and unlock the potential for enhanced well-being. With our Australian heritage, finest herbal ingredients, and a formula designed for maximum effectiveness, we are here to support your journey towards optimal health
and vitality.

30 years aged bio-fermented brilliance for radiant wellness

Henry Blooms’ steadfast commitment to a three-decade fermentation process guarantees that our Aged Bio-Fermented Liquid is the ultimate choice, providing an unparalleled wellness experience. 
Enjoy exceptional nutrient absorption, nurture optimal gut health, and receive continuous enzyme support for sustained well-being, surpassing the capabilities of standard bio-fermented products in the market.

Year 1938

Established as a trusted Australian brand.

Year 2016

Entered Eastern Europe.

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Year 2020

Successfully entered the markets of Vietnam and Cambodia, offering our quality products to a wider audience.

Year 2021

Introduced selected products in Hong Kong, China, catering to the unique needs of the market.

Year 2022

Extended our reach to Malaysia and China, providing our premium offerings to health-conscious consumers.

Year 2023

Excitingly, we are gearing up for upcoming launches in the USA, further expanding our international footprint.